APEP Cage Chassis (Minor defective ones)

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Chassis trans mounting holes and mounting plate have flaws but otherwise great chassis.

Mounting plate needs some minor alterations and 2 80mm through bolts for mounting the trans plate.

If you use it as a SCS trans configuration or Clod mounting holes are of no concern. Only for SMT trans mounting will you need to do work to make it fit.

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APEP Cage chassis  Made with 5052 Aluminium. The most universal chassis on the market. This is setup to be Shafty or Clod style drive lines(in some cases). Chassis is made to accommodate the Freestyle Center trans, SCS gearbox, SMT10, RC4WD transmissions and mounts. The frames also accommodate nearly unlimited mounting locations for Shocks, Sway bars, Battery tray and ESC. This will be made with no coating (bare metal) to allow for your own customization.

**Defects are the trans mount plate and lower frame holes are not standard size and or properly placed(needs some milling to get proper hole position) and Letters on one side are backwards.

Cage Chassis due to it design limits the use as a clod axle build but with the proper setup it can work.

*** Kit will be sold as such: Chassis plates, 20 cross members with hardware to put where needed, Multi use skid plate and upper mount for SCS transmission and front and rear sway bars . 

Soon you will have the option to purchase Battery tray, ESC mount and Clod Battery mounts as well as body mounts on request.
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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 3 in


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