Flower Pot Wheel Hub Spacer Kit 12mm Hex


25mm wheel hub spacer for jconcepts wheels with 12mm HEX. #flowerpothubspacers


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Tired of the cheap plastic wheel hub spacers that keep striping out first time you hit the gas and tired of never being able to get a good set of Aluminum hub spacers? I have the solution for you that is cheaper and stronger than any similar hub spacers on the market. These Hub spacers are 3D printed and stronger than you can imagine. These are for the mean time a short term fix to the long term solution meaning i have a set of machined 7075 Aluminium that will be hitting the market shortly.

These are made to fit any Jconcept wheels with the same 6 hole bolt pattern, may even fit the new 2.2 wheels as well as long as it has the same bolt pattern.

These are a tight fitting pieces and mostly need to be pressed into place, secured with the hub shaft nut and then tighten the grub screws, then simply mount your wheels. These also have 2 sets of holes for 2.5mm bolts and 3mm bolts so if you want to use bigger bolts you can or better yet use the stock 2.5mm bolts and if they strip out move to the 3mm holes.

Kit comes with 4- 25mm Hub Spacers, 4- 5mm Disk Spacers and a 3mm Jconcepts bolt pattern spacer to fill the void when using these hubs and also includes 8 grub screws to secure the hubs to the wheel Hex’s.

Once people see these i am sure the unique but simple way to help in securing the hubs to the HEX i am certain others will copy but i can assure you they won’t compare. These grub screws help to lessen the load and stress on the HEX nut and in theory helping to prevent damages to the shaft end.

These Hub spacers carry a free one time replacement of any or all if they happen to strip out (For one Year)



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