RC Axle Stands


Sold in Pairs.


Axle Stand Colors
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$0.00 Black $5.00 Blue $0.00 Light Blue $0.00 Red $5.00 Orange $0.00 Gray/Silver $0.00 Yellow $5.00 Purple $0.00 White $0.00 Dark $5.00 Pink
Made to order and take 1-3 days to ship.
Axle Stand Version
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AR60 Axles $0.00 AR60 Axles AR44 Axles TRX4 and alike $0.00 AR44 Axles TRX4 and alike LMT Axles $10.00 LMT Axles Pro Mod Style ClodBuster Axles $0.00 Pro Mod Style ClodBuster Axles Retro Clodbuster Axles
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Here we have a set (2) Axle stands designed to cradle the axles and elevate the tire off the surface to prevent flat spots during periods of long storage or during maintenance.

These stands are available for the following axles and includes rubber pad material to use as desired/needed:





**Other colors may be available on request, Ask for details and pricing**

Additional information

Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 6 in


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