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8mm 7075 Upper 4 Link Bars

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One set of 4 Upper Links:

Upper Links are 8mm thick and made from 7075 Aluminium and have 304 stainless steel grubs with HD rod ends.

These are made a little long with deep grub screw socket so they can be trimmed trimmed shorter and use shorter grub screws to adjust for your given application. They can be cut approx 5mm from either side.

These will work on SMT10, SXC, Clodbuster and other custom RC truck builds.

You can also swap out current rod ends for any M4 rod ends for different lengths.

These metal Arms are virtually indestructible and carry a 1 Year warranty. So feel free to go out and Bash-On and worry not because you are covered (does not include the rod ends) Rod ends can be easily replaced by any M4 metal or plastic rod ends.

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