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Solid Aluminum AR60 Axles

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Here you have some of the best AR60 axles money can buy, of course you can get more expensive ones but why would you. I use these so much and love them so much i decided to offer them. I have no affiliation with the company that makes them i just choose to indorse and sell them.

These axle are very well made and milled from 6061 Aluminum. No need to spend and equal amount of money to beef up your stock plastic axles when you can be ready right out of the box. They come with locked Differentials but are directly interchangeable with all AR60 internal parts and axle shafts so you can swap over the internals if you wish to have an Open Diff setup. They also come with 12mm axle HEX nuts and all required link mounting hardware and axle nuts.

When you get these it is advised to go through them and Loctite all the hardware because nothing is done from the factory. I do not offer any warranty for these because they are 3rd party so when purchasing you agree to this term.

Quantity: 1pcs
Material: Metal Alloy

A crawler locker spool comes with the axles but is not made for use in monster trucks. Recommended replacing with your stock Diff for best results.

Color: Black / Gunmetal/Titanium / Polished/Silver optional
Front Axle Weight: 350g
Rear Axle Weight: 260g
Total Length: 265mm / 10.43in
Gear: 38T / 13T

As is no warranty, buy purchasing you agree to this term.

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